Guidelines for Choosing a Wheelchair and Safety

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When making a wheelchair purchase, there are numerous factors to think about. Regardless, matter whether you prefer a motorized or manual chair, take into account the following:


Stiff or folding frames


For manual chairs, the typical conventional type of folding frames with an X brace in the middle that allows the frame to be folded sideways are used. Although this sort of chair is often big and rather heavy, folding it is straightforward. Despite the fact that there are newer models of lighter materials available, folding frames are still heavier than rigid ones since they have more parts. The power wheelchair can be transferred into the automobile without assistance because to the lightweight aluminium material and rigid frame connections that are soldered together.


It’s all about comfort, so make sure the footrest is appropriately angled


A tapered footrest is viewed from the front and links both feet at the bottom, giving more room for turning than an angle footrest, which is measured from the horizontal or viewed from the side. Yet, this can be unpleasant if you don’t have a lot of flexibility in your hip and knee joints.


Do not disregard the hand rim


It should be noted that a hand rim’s propulsion will depend on its total diameter. As a result, climbing will be simpler with a larger diameter, whereas moving quickly on flat ground requires a smaller diameter.


All eyes are on the wheels


Although spoked wheels are lighter, they require more upkeep over time. On the other hand, composite wheels typically degrade at the bearing escalations. The zero camber thus results in a narrow wheelchair measurement. As the camber is adjusted, the measurements at the bottom and top of the wheel are likewise increased, providing steadiness and facilitating easy turning. Your focus should be on power wheelchair while you are facing an injury.


Rim locks


They come in two varieties: side mounted and under-seat. Although the side mounted kind is simple to use, it is important to push carefully to avoid getting your thumbs stuck in the wheel lock. Although the under-seat kind can handle this issue, using it requires reaching under the seat, which makes it much more challenging.


Back and forth balance


Examine the balance carefully because the user could tip backwards if the back wheels are placed too far in front of the frame. Also, if the wheels are positioned too far back, the chair will be difficult to push.

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