Decorative Modern Lighting for Contemporary Spaces

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Tungsten filaments quickly replaced ones made of carbon, tantalum, and metalized carbon in the early 1900s, and they are still used in most filament lamps today. Tungsten is highly suitable for such lamps because of all the materials suitable for drawing into filament wires, it has the highest melting point. The first tungsten-filament lamps, introduced in the United States in 1907, made use of pressed tungsten. By 1910 a process for producing drawn tungsten filaments had been discovered.

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It manages to be both playful and minimalist at the same time, and provides a glowing light that is suited to a wide swath of spaces. Does it matter how impeccably styled your space is if it’s shrouded in darkness? Modern lighting is always needed in any room of the house, regardless of whether it’s sparse on windows or simply requires an extra dose of brightness. At Article, our collection of modern lighting and lamps will bring you out of the dark ages, and into a space that’s cozy, well-lit, and stylish. Designed by چراغ سقفی تو کار برق نت in 1996, the Block Lamp is made of two clear glass blocks enclosing a light bulb; it looks like the bulb is stuck in ice. As a result, the light is soft and diffuse, but a bit colder than the typical Scandinavian lighting.

For example, you can have one or two table lamps in your window at mid-level, then a wall lamp placed in a higher position, together with a floor lamp that ends up somewhere in-between. That way, the light is more dynamic, making your room look bigger and more interesting. With its curvy ceramic base and classic textile shade, this lamp can be styled in a number of ways to suit any interior. It was designed for Menu by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen and has a dimmer switch, so you can control the brightness of the light.

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In addition to their classic designs, &Tradition works with a number of top contemporary designers such as Space Copenhagen, Jaime Hayon, and Norm Architects, making future design icons. To prevent this, make sure to work with different lightings and light sources. Play around with the angles of the light, dimmable lamps, and the height at which you place your lamps.

Lamps Plus offers a complete selection of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. From stylish ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers and trend-setting ceiling fans to thousands of designer lamps and lamp shades that are in-stock and ready to ship. Recessed light – the protective housing is concealed behind a ceiling or wall, leaving only the fixture itself exposed. The term “pot lights” is often used in Canada and parts of the US. Portable light fixtures are often called lamps, as in table lamp or desk lamp.

GOOD LIGHT References provides you with an overview of diverse lighting concepts by and for our customers. From showrooms to hotel facilities to extraordinary bathroom lighting. A more modern and minimalist take on the PH table lamp above, the Blossi by contemporary Danish lighting brand Nuura has a light silhouette and a warm light. It’s a versatile piece that can be used anywhere in the house and adds a touch of glamor.

Modern classics like the Bollo Chair have cemented Fogia as one of the most innovative and important voices in Swedish design today. Known as the “benchmark of Swedish design,” Fogia has been around since the 80s, but became its current iteration in 2011 under new ownership. The brand both designs and produces in their own factory in Gdansk, Poland. From kitchen items to couches and even custom-made kitchens, IKEA has redefined what Scandianvian design means, and has reintroduced truly democratic design on a huge scale. SOLHETTA LED bulbs will last approximately 25,000 hours and they are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

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